Reduce Noise for Health Reasons

/Reduce Noise for Health Reasons

Public Health Ontario has published a study which finds an increase of 7 percent for people living within 50 meters of roadways.


Elevated noise levels can create stress. Noise is unwanted sound. It can affect people while they sleep and while they work along with many other situations. In the case of office space, unwanted noise increases stress and reduces productivity.


An Ontario study found that people living close to a major road had an increased risk of getting dementia.

Workplace Accidents

Osha reports that for 2016 companies paid 1.5 million in penalties and an estimated 242 million per year in workers comp claims due to hearing loss.

Hearing Loss

According to the Better Hearing Institute 40 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. Hearing loss frequently co-exists with other health conditions such as Diabetes, Depression and Anxiety among others. To find out if you have hearing loss you can contact your primary care provider for an exam or a referral for a hearing professional. There is also an online test provided by the Better Hearing Institute here:


To minimize hearing loss at the workplace and home there are lots of things that you can do. Soundproofing your home and workplace. In the case of your workplace you may have to ask your employer. Bringing attention to them some workplace statistics.

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