In 2008, Tim White currently Director of Sound Control Technology was contacted by Ron Thomas to design and supply a wall system to mitigate noise from heat exchangers for Red Jacket Resorts indoor water park. The owner of Red Jacket wanted the Wall to blend into the surrounding environment and not distract from the picturesque views of Mt. Washington. The indoor pool was an idea place for skiers to relax and warm up after a long cold day on the slopes. The heat exchangers and large chillers maintain a constant 82 degree water temperature. The chillers were very loud and generated a lot of unwanted noise. Red Jacket did not want this to ruin the tranquil experience for its customers.

Mr. White recommended a composite light weight Sound Wall System. Three other noise barrier wall products were offered by three competing noise consultants. Ron Alexander Ultimately Ron Alexander chose Mr. White as the Acoustical Consultant for the project and the light weight composite sound wall system designed by Mr. White. The composite wall system is made to stack one rail on top of the other with tongue and groove rails that stack up to reach the desired height.

Composite wall systems can be installed easily by the contractor and shipping is very economical and environmentally friendly leaving a small foot print on the environment More Materials can be shipped per load reducing trucks needed to ship the product which also reduces fuel and emissions introduced into the environment. Ron Alexander requested that Mr. White send the engineered post and foundation design ahead of the wall rails and materials. The Red Jacket was under a strict timeline to complete the project Ron Alexander had the foundations and post installed prior to arrival of the wall rails. This made it possible for the wall system to be installed the same day the rails arrived. The wall was designed, engineered and installed in 75 days from first point of contact with Mr. White the current director of Sound Control Technology.

With the wall up & noise concerns behind them, Red Jacket Resorts can get back to their core business operations.


Contact: Tim White
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