Acoustic ceiling absorbers are materials used to absorb sound energy instead of reflecting it back causing unwanted reverb or echo. Many rooms have drop ceilings and have standard ceiling tiles to help reduce the reverb. There are many types of ceiling absorbers that are designed specifically for acoustic performance. While a standard ceiling tile works well in many applications others require higher NRC (noise rating coefficient). Noise Rating coefficient is the measurement of the ability of a material to absorb noise. For example, an NRC rating of .75 means the material will absorb seventy-five percent of the sound energy that hits the surface and only reflect twenty-five percent.
Many rooms that have a lot of highly reflective surfaces such as glass, brick, concrete and metal. In many cases the walls and floors cannot be treated and the ceiling is the only option. For example, restaurants often have lots of windows and no area on the walls to treat for acoustics. Another typical example is a dog kennel. The kennel may have available space on the walls for material but the environment restricts where treatment can be used. Kennels are often sprayed down with water and chemicals to keep the walls and floors clean and sanitary. The best option in both of these examples is to treat the ceilings.
There are many material options available to treat ceiling areas such as acoustical ceiling clouds, acoustic baffles, acoustic banners, etc. These materials are just a few of the many options available.
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