Decorative Quilted Fiberglass AbsorberSound absorption blankets and sound proofing blankets are two different things. To absorb sound means to absorb or reduce echo, reverb or reflection within a space. To block sound means to block the sound from entering or leaving a room or area. Sound absorbing blankets or Sound curtains as they are referred to are designed to hang on walls from ceilings or from a structure. They absorb noise the same as an acoustical wall panel, acoustic baffle or acoustic banners. The only difference is the material they are constructed from.  Sound absorption blankets are made with a vinyl porous outer material that encapsulates a fiberglass septum or core. They are usually stitched together that gives them the appearance of a blanket or curtain. Sound Curtains are designed to withstand extreme climates and are used in areas of hi-abuse such as industrial plants, shooting ranges, generator rooms or enclosures to name a few of the many uses. Sound Absorbing blankets come in many sizes and configurations and are made for project specific applications. To determine which Sound Blanket is best for your project. Call us today for free advice from one of our technical sales associates.

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