Acoustic Hi-Impact panels are a treatment that can be used for wall or ceiling treatment designed to absorb echo and reverb in high abuse areas. Hi- Impact Sound Panels as they are commonly referred to can be made up to 10’ long and are 4’ wide as a single panel.  They are effective for many applications such as gymnasiums, mulit-purpose rooms, House of worship, Conference rooms, home theaters and almost anywhere that there is contact with sporting events or people. The Hi-impact Wall Panels are made of 6-7 lb. dense fiberglass core with an underlayment facing laminated to the core that is rigid and dent resistant. The underlayment is laminated to the fiberglass core and has small perforations that allow noise to pass through and be absorbed by the acoustic core material.  This means you still get high Noise Absorption along with a very strong facing on the panel that will not dent when hit by a ball or leaned against by a person. The standard fabric covering is Guilford of Maine Fr701. There are many more choices available to meet your architectural décor of the room. The fabric facings are almost limitless in colors and patterns.

Hi-Impact wall panels are highly effective for absorbing sound and can be directly mounted to a wall or ceiling and can also be suspended like a cloud. They are very aesthetically appealing and effective for absorbing echo and reverb. The hi-impact panel is built to last in the most demanding sports environments. If you are considering using wall panels in your gymnasium it is well worth looking at this panel for its ability to withstand the daily abuse of basket balls, soccer balls, volley balls and almost anything that you can throw at it.

Sound Control Hi-impact Panels are easy to attach to existing structures. They can be mounted direct to block, sheetrock, brick, metal or any other solid surface using our impaling clips or z-clip fasteners. The difference in these two types of fasteners is that the impaling clips are a direct glue application and the z-clips are a mechanical two part interlocking system. The panels can also be made to hang from a ceiling like a cloud with pre attached fastening points epoxied into the back of the panels which attach to wire, cable ,string, chain, rope or any suspension materials you choose.

The best way to determine the amount of Sound Control Hi-impact Panels necessary and effective to treat an area is to have an acoustic room analysis or model done for the area that needs treatment. It is important to relay the rooms function before doing any type of model or treating the area.