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Sound Control SonicSorb® Baffles that mount up in the ceiling are one of the most effective products to reduce noise and reverb in a room. This is because both sides of the baffles are exposed allowing the noise to be absorbed by both surfaces of the baffle being the front and back. There are many types of materials the baffles can be covered or wrapped with for indoor and outdoor applications. The most economical is a PVC covered baffle. SonicSorb® PVC Baffles can be used in restaurants, dog kennels, shooting ranges, indoor swimming pools and many other areas that have a lot of echo. They are easy to clean and water resistant. SonicSorb®  Baffles come in custom sizes up to a 4’ x 8’ and are offered in many colors. All the Sound Control SonicSorb® Baffles are manufactured with grommets available on all four edges for easy suspension from ceilings or walls.

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Ceiling Baffles

Ceiling Baffles are used in in large open rooms such as gymnasiums, dog kennels, indoor pools, commercial kitchens, lunch rooms and large open area industrial areas. Baffles can be made in sizes ranging up to a 4’ x 10’ panel. They are used to treat ceilings and in some cases walls depending on the application and materials. Baffles are available in rip-stop nylon for high abuse areas such as a gym. They are offered in PVC for commercial kitchens, plants and dog kennels for easy cleaning. There are also cloth fabrics for architectural aesthetics such as Guilford Fr701. The acoustical baffle is easy to attach with sewn or punched in grommets to your ceiling structure. They can be mounted to the underside of a roof deck, roof trusses or even attached to a cable system. They are easy to install and will not only look great they make the area sound great. For a more in depth explanation see: What is an Acoustic Baffle?

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