Acoustic baffles are a ceiling treatment designed to absorb echo and reverb. Sound baffles as they are commonly referred to can be made up to 10’ long and are 4’ wide. They are very economical and effective for many applications such as indoor pools, commercial kitchens, Industrial machinery, call centers, dog kennels, and gymnasiums on a short list. Sound baffles are offered in many materials for a variety of applications, for example the PVC covering is excellent for areas or rooms that need to be cleaned or exposed to moisture such as animal shelters, indoor pools and field houses. They are also available in sail cloth or rip-stop nylon for high abuse areas such as gymnasiums where volley balls and other activities that may require a material that is able to with stand impact.

Sound baffles are highly effective for absorbing sound due to being suspended. This allows the noise to be absorbed on the front and back side of the baffle unlike other treatments that are mounted direct to a solid surface which only allows the sound to be absorbed by one side. This makes the Acoustic Baffle an economical choice for acoustic treatment.

Sound baffles are easy to attach to existing structures. Metal grommets are sewn or punched into each the baffle they can be tied to trusses with zip ties, bolted with mechanical fasteners or screwed to the virtually any structure. A common way to suspend the sound control baffles is by aircraft cable.

Baffles are available in many colors and fabrics to meet every type of application.
The amount of ceiling baffles needed to treat a room will vary with room dimensions and finishes. Rooms such as dog kennels often have concrete floors, block walls and metal roofs that create excessive reverb and echo.

The best way to determine the amount of sound baffles necessary and effective to treat an area is to have an acoustic room analysis or model done for the area that needs treatment. It is important to relay the rooms function before doing any type of model or treating the area.
Acoustic Baffles or Sound Baffles are sound absorbing ceiling treatment that is highly effective and economical for a variety of applications.

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