The Federal Highway Administration defines a benefited receptor as: The recipient of an abatement measure that receives a noise reduction at or above the minimum threshold of 5 dB(A), but not to exceed the highway agency’s reasonableness design goal.


When Making Plans for a Power Plant Consider Noise

While installing sound barriers won't increase your revenue it certainly can help your bottom line. Planning applications were denied to one company based on poor planning in the  Bramshott and Liphook Parish Council. This is [...]

Medway Power Plant Noise Control

The plant is expanding and has plans for a 55 foot sound barrier to reduce noise. The State board approved plans in the beginning of August 2017. They have also implemented wooded buffer areas which [...]

Mansfield Ohio Wall Pads and Acoustic Panels Installed at Ymca

The Mansfield YMCA gym was 17 years old and in need of some renovations. Sound Control has come a long way since it was built. They installed wall pads and acoustic panels. They also utilize [...]

Does “No Noise Restrictions” Mean you should not consider noise reduction?

When you have a construction project you should be a good neighbor and make an effort to reduce noise. Take it a step further and provide residents with a way to lodge complaints so you [...]