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2306, 2016

Sound Control Equipment Enclosure

Equipment Enclosure

Sound Control Enclosure for Pumps, Chillers, Generators and noisy equipment.

Sound Wall System

Tim White with Sound Control Technologies was contacted by an engineering/architectural firm in Atlanta Georgia to design a sound wall system to block noise from chillers and other loud equipment being installed at the North Tower Addition of North East Medical Center located in Gainesville Georgia. The addition to the medical center encroached on surrounding residential neighbors. North East Medical center wanted to be the best neighbor it could to the surrounding community by eliminating unwanted noise from the new cooling towers, chillers and pumps. Mr. White designed a light weight composite sound wall design that not only worked great for this application it blended into the new addition seamlessly. The wall Mr. White proposed not only blocks noise it absorbs noise eliminating any reflective noise from escaping the sound wall enclosure. The system Mr. White designed and proposed is easy to install with no heavy lifting or cranes necessary. It can be stacked up with man power easily. It is a pre-engineered system that is designed for the Georgia wind loads that can reach 90 mph. The general contractor installed the composite wall system in 2 days and have used it on another hospital addition in Gwinnett Georgia. This equipment enclosure has been erected for over a decade and still functions perfectly and looks great architecturally.
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1603, 2016

Georgia Power and Columbus Water Works are Good Friends

Power Secure was contacted to design and install a Sound Barrier Wall for a Georgia Power Project at Columbus Water Works located in Columbus GA.  Power Secure did the design and manufacture of the switch gear and backup generator for Columbus Water Works Georgia Power project. Columbus Water plant is located near a residential neighborhood and sound was a concern for Georgia Power if the generator was needed in an emergency power outage. Georgia Power being a good neighbor asked Power Secure to have a noise survey completed before the project could be awarded. Power Secure contacted Tim White current Director of Sound Control Technology to have the Noise Survey completed with a plan to mitigate the unwanted noise of the generator to the surrounding neighbors. Mr. White visited Power Secure manufacturing facility to get the acoustic polar reading of the actual generator being installed on the project.
Continue reading “Georgia Power and Columbus Water Works are Good Friends” »

1603, 2016

 The Great Wall and Red Jacket Resort

In 2008, Tim White currently Director of Sound Control Technology was contacted by Ron Thomas to design and supply a wall system to mitigate noise from heat exchangers for Red Jacket Resorts indoor water park. The owner of Red Jacket wanted the Wall to blend into the surrounding environment and not distract from the picturesque views of Mt. Washington. The indoor pool was an idea place for skiers to relax and warm up after a long cold day on the slopes. The heat exchangers and large chillers maintain a constant 82 degree water temperature. The chillers were very loud and generated a lot of unwanted noise. Red Jacket did not want this to ruin the tranquil experience for its customers. Continue reading “ The Great Wall and Red Jacket Resort” »

1603, 2016

Power Plant Expansion Sound Wall System

Georgia Power contacted Tim White now director of Sound Control Technology to design and supply a Sound barrier wall system that would look good aesthetically. Georgia Power has neighbors near their plant expansion project and the wall would be turned over to GDOT along with the road that was installed near the plant. The wall system had to meet the GDOT standard specifications and be environmentally friendly and easy to install. Mr. White proposed a composite wall system unlike any that GDOT had previously used. Continue reading “Power Plant Expansion Sound Wall System” »