When Making Plans for a Power Plant Consider Noise

While installing sound barriers won't increase your revenue it certainly can help your bottom line. Planning applications were denied to one company based on poor planning in the  Bramshott and Liphook Parish Council. This is not unusual citizens are concerned about noise for industrial projects and with the internet age information can spread fast, peoples [...]

Does “No Noise Restrictions” Mean you should not consider noise reduction?

When you have a construction project you should be a good neighbor and make an effort to reduce noise. Take it a step further and provide residents with a way to lodge complaints so you are the first to know and can address them before you have to deal with local officials. If you have [...]

Construction Noise Backlash

A man in Northfield Illinois was angry about construction noise near his home. Increased noise levels can increase stress in people. The man took a shotgun to the construction site and waved a shotgun while yelling at the workers. Police: Man angry about construction noise waved gun at worksite Construction noise can be reduced, although this is an [...]

Reduce Classroom Noise

With so many schools running over capacity and many schools splitting large classrooms by partitions one main thought is the partitions will  reduce noise but there are other methods also. Partitions for the most part block direct noise and may absorb it but if the ceilings are reflecting noise and the regular walls do not have acoustic [...]

Effects of Noise on The Individual in the Workplace

Noise in the workplace is one of the most common complaints in offices. Many companies choose open floor plan for increased communication and workflow.  Noise levels can incapacitate an persons capability to concentrate and perform certain tasks which can lead to stress. Noise reduction should be a high priority if noise levels are to high. [...]

How to reduce Backyard Noise to Appease your Neighbors

If you have backyard parties, like to entertain or simply have a poll in the backyard there is a chance that your neighbors might complain or call the police on you. There are a number of ways to reduce backyard noise to make your neighbors happy and to even improve the effects of sound such [...]

Reduce Noise in your Home

If you have entertained people at your home you may have noticed that it can get loud fast and people have to talk over each other to have a conversation. If entertaining at home for business this can lead to an unpleasant experience and possibly lost business. There are a number of ways to reduce [...]

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