Power Secure was contacted to design and install a Sound Barrier Wall for a Georgia Power Project at Columbus Water Works located in Columbus GA.  Power Secure did the design and manufacture of the switch gear and backup generator for Columbus Water Works Georgia Power project. Columbus Water plant is located near a residential neighborhood and sound was a concern for Georgia Power if the generator was needed in an emergency power outage. Georgia Power being a good neighbor asked Power Secure to have a noise survey completed before the project could be awarded. Power Secure contacted Tim White current Director of Sound Control Technology to have the Noise Survey completed with a plan to mitigate the unwanted noise of the generator to the surrounding neighbors. Mr. White visited Power Secure manufacturing facility to get the acoustic polar reading of the actual generator being installed on the project.

Upon completing the noise survey Mr. White designed the wall system to meet the demands of the project. The wall system design that best fit this application was a light weight composite wall that would mitigate the generator noise and be aesthetically pleasing to the surrounding neighbors. Columbus Water Works, Georgia Power and Power Secure were very impressed by the Composite Sound Barrier Wall System that Mr. White designed for the project. The wall now stands to protect Columbus Water Works neighbors from the unwanted generator noise and it blends into the landscape seamlessly. The neighbors will now have water in case of any power outage and not know that it is being supplied by a generator due to the wall Designed and supplied for Georgia Powers project. Columbus Water Works is now credited as being a Good Neighbor.
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Contact: Tim White
Director of Sales
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