If you have backyard parties, like to entertain or simply have a poll in the backyard there is a chance that your neighbors might complain or call the police on you. There are a number of ways to reduce backyard noise to make your neighbors happy and to even improve the effects of sound such as backyard music.

Sound Fences

Instead of buying regular fencing you can buy sound fences which are made to reduce sound and may be your best option for your backyard. Materials for sound fences include  fiberglass, metal, concrete and in some cases plastic.Often sound fenves come in lightweight pre-engineered modular systems.ONB barriers and enclosures can resist wind velocities to 110 MPH and most common snow and seismic loads.


If you have a trellis, wooden arch, gazebo or covered deck  then a ceiling cloud can be an unobtrusive way to reduce noise and may even add to the decor. Decorative clouds come in many sizes and shapes with lots of color options. Clouds are nice because they can add to the decor rather that be eyesores and may end up being a topic of the conversation.


Baffles can be used when you want to improve the quality of sound and reduce those noise pockets. Baffles come in various sizes and shapes which surely can accommodate your current layout.

Decorative Wall Panels

The walls of your home may be reflecting the sound and increasing the echo,Acoustic Decorative Wall Panels can be a nice touch to the decor and reduce the echo. They come in various sizes and can be made to fit custom if you have special needs., These are foam wall panels with a special fabric that helps diffuse the noise. Printed panels can have a copy of your favorite art or a number of other things.