Sound Control Technologies Industrial line includes;

Acoustical Curtain Enclosures, Portable Acoustic Screens & Enclosures, Sound Absorbing Baffles, Wall & Ceiling Panels, Flexible noise barriers, Acoustical Pipe & Duct Lagging and Damping Compounds & Sheets. We can help with construction noise, community noise abatement as well as achieving compliance with the 2007 New York City Noise Regulations.


Metal Enclosures


Noise Control
Curtain Systems


Metal Acoustical Panels


Blanket Enclosures




Acoustical Wall Blankets

Sound Control has a full line of Acoustical products:
• Sound Curtain/Blanket Enclosures lower noise by20 dB or more
Quilted Fiberglass Absorbers ( QFA ) with NRC ratings up to 1.05
• Permanent or Temporary Exterior Grade Sound Curtains
Sound Blankets Acoustical Pipe and Duct Lagging for noisy pipes, valves and ductwork
Noise barrier ceiling tiles to reduce eliminate interoffice noise
Flexible Noise Barriers with STC ratings of 20-31 • Comply with construction noise ordinances
• 5-7- Year Lifespan
• Noise Barrier Ratings Up To STC-36
• Sound Absorption Ratings to NRC .85 For Long Term Applications:
• Comply With Neighborhood Noise Ordinances
• 10 + Years Lifespan
• Noise Barrier Ratings Up To STC-38
• Low Frequency Sound Absorption

Industrial Sound Control Products

Pre-engineered Enclosures

engineered-noise-enclosuresPre-Engineered Noise Enclosures by Sound Control Technologies offer a high performance, cost-effective alternative to field built solutions using conventional construction materials or modular acoustical components. Our pre-engineered noise control structures are the ideal solution for projects with limited time, space or funding. By controlling every aspect of the design and assembly in our factory, we can guarantee levels of mechanical, structural and acoustical performance that are difficult to achieve in the field.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW PRODUCTS

Exterior and Construction Noise Control

Industrial-noise-control-exterior2Sound Control Technologies delivers heavy duty, weather resistant Sound Curtains for outdoor applications. We offer modular panels that can be used for short-term or temporary applications such as construction sites or drilling operations as well as long-term permanent applications such as HVAC systems dust collectors and generators.     CLICK HERE TO VIEW PRODUCTS

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Lagging & Wrap

Sound Control Technologies Lagging & Wrap Acoustic Insulation is the solution for noise control and Sound proofing of noisy pipes and duct works.  Sound Control Technologies Wrap or Lagging consists of a mass loaded noise barrier with reinforced foil facing on one side bonded to a 1″ or 2″ sound absorbing quilted fiberglass decoupler respectively. Sound Control Technologies Wrap offers excellent thermal and acoustical performance and carries a Class-A Fire rating.


Accoustic Blankets & Walls

Sound Control Technologies Wall Blankets provide excellent noise absorption characteristics, durability and an ASTM-E84 Class I Fire Rating.  This product features an attractive, abrasion resistant quilted facing that is impervious to dirt, grease, solvents and airborne contaminants. Poor acoustical conditions in interior spaces can create an uncomfortable sea of noise which often leads to fatigue, inability to concentrate, poor speech intelligibility, miscommunication, stress related ailments and hearing damage.

Installing our Wall Blankets will dramatically reduce reverberation and noise levels without any interruption in production routines, housekeeping activities and work flow.  Hanging Sound Control Technologies Wall Blankets on walls, ceilings, partitions or equipment housings is an easy way to create a safer and more productive workspace.


Exterior Pre-engineered Walls and Enclosures

Sound Control Technologies SonicWall®  has the strength and benefits of all Fibergrate’s FRP products. With the economical, high quality process of pultrusion, Sound Control Technologies planks will outperform, cost less, last longer and install faster than other noise wall options.

Sound Control Technologies sound barrier wall meets or exceeds all AASHTO and DOT guidelines, is available in multiple finish options and is graffiti, moisture and freeze/thaw resistant. Unlike concrete and steel solutions, Sound Control Technologies wall’s modular and lightweight design doesn’t require heavy equipment for installation or repairs, even with spans up to 24 feet. In addition, it will not crack, rust, warp or rot and is stronger and more resilient than other choices. Sound Control Technologies sound barrier also has a Sound Transmission Class of 30.


Acoustic Metal Wall Panels

Sound Control Technologies, SonicMet® Acoustical Metal Panels combine maximum noise absorption and durability in an attractive, modular unit. Our functional perforated panels can be located anywhere on walls and ceilings to instantly reduce noise levels and control reverberation … solving the problems that make communication and concentration difficult in many environments.

Units are rugged enough for industrial environments, yet attractive enough for placement in commercial and institutional spaces like offices, auditoriums and gymnasiums making SonicMet one of the most versatile sound absorbers available.  And with their high noise reduction characteristics, most problems can be solved with as little as 25-30% coverage of the reflective surfaces making SonicMet a very cost-effective solution to your problem.


Acoustic Baffles and Banners

acoustical-baffels-industrialSound Control Technologies sound absorbing ceiling baffles are a very cost-effective way to reduce reverberation time and eliminate sound reflections from the ceiling in any environment resulting in dramatic improvements in overall acoustics. INC offers a complete line of Sound Control Technologies Sound Absorbing Ceiling Baffles to treat any space that are suitable for industrial, commercial and institutional applications.  By eliminating built up sound due to noise reflections, overall sound exposure (TWA) can be dramatically reduced!  Installing absorptive ceiling baffles is an easy, economical way to create a safer and more productive workspace.


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