Sound Curtains offer maximum sound control and noise reduction using a combination of sound barrier material and sound absorption material. Clients refer to our product as noise curtains, sound blankets and sound curtains. Our sound curtains are custom fabricated on an individual project basis. They are available in an exterior grade and can be used outside as well as inside. Our sound curtains are made of industrial grade materials to withstand harsh environments inside and outside. We offer many models and they are modular in design. What this means is that they can be joined together to form a sound curtain wall or even an industrial enclosure that encompasses machinery that will not inhibit its function. The sound curtains have available clear view windows to make seeing equipment gauges and function easy. We also offer frames with a track system that allows the sound blankets to roll out of the way for things such as equipment maintenance.
The uses of sound blocking curtains are almost limitless. Many times they are used around chillers, pool pumps, generators, HVAC units and also as a sound proof barrier around noisy construction sites. Outdoor sound curtains can be hung easily with built in grommets from existing structures. Each Sound blanket can be attached to the next using industrial strength Velcro sewn into the blanket to form a solid wall or enclosure. Exterior sound curtains are designed to last decades in the harshest of climates.

Acoustic blankets are used in many industrial, commercial, and OEM noise control applications. The system can accommodate ventilation and access while maintaining high noise control. Curtains are easy to install and
can be moved for use in another location to accommodate machine or equipment relocation.
Soundproof curtains can provide a permanent, yet flexible, solution to your unique noise.

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