Georgia Power contacted Tim White now director of Sound Control Technology to design and supply a Sound barrier wall system that would look good aesthetically. Georgia Power has neighbors near their plant expansion project and the wall would be turned over to GDOT along with the road that was installed near the plant. The wall system had to meet the GDOT standard specifications and be environmentally friendly and easy to install. Mr. White proposed a composite wall system unlike any that GDOT had previously used. Most GDOT walls are metal siding or sheet metal used in the construction of metal buildings. GDOT and Georgia Power wanted a Sound Barrier Wall System that was effective, easy to install and aesthetically pleasing for the residential neighbors. After a site evaluation Mr. White proposed a Light Weight Composite Sound Wall System. Composite Walls are strong, aesthetically pleasing and durable. Add architectural appeal and it proves to be a winning combination for GDOT and Georgia Power. The Composite Sound Control Wall System is designed in accordance with all Federal Highway guidelines and a lifespan that is measured in decades rather than years. The composite Sound Control Wall System was installed in November of 2010. Georgia Power is credited with being a good neighbor that goes the extra mile to ensure there is no environmental impact on the surrounding residential community. The Composite Wall Systems are now being utilized by Georgia Power on many other Highway projects. Mr. White is accredited as the leader for a new Era in Composite Sound Control Wall Technology.
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