Exterior Noise Control

//Exterior Noise Control

Exterior noise control usually involves blocking noise from traffic or mechanical equipment (air conditioners, chillers, generators, pumps etc.). Most states have a noise ordinance that requires sound barrier walls to be erected along road ways that encroach on residential communities. There are many types of sound barrier walls from concrete to metal. There are light weight composite walls that require no lifting with cranes or heavy equipment to install such as our “FRP” (fiberglass reinforced composite) wall system that is pre-engineered. This eliminates the need for addition engineering fees on projects.

There are many other noise sources that emit or generate unwanted noise. Noise ordinances often dictate the noise level allowed from mechanical equipment. Noise Ordinances are laws which limit allowable noise levels at different times of day for different zoned areas (residential, industrial, commercial, permitted events). The sound level is usually measured at the property line where the source of noise is located.

Outdoor acoustic enclosures and sound barrier walls can be designed using different acoustic materials. Sound curtains or sound blankets are a highly economical and effective method of reducing noise generated from equipment. This composite material combines a sound absorber with a noise barrier into a flexible and versatile panel that can be attached to existing structures such as a wooden or chain link fence. Another example of an outdoor acoustic panel is our FPR (Fiberglass Reinforced Composite) system. This is a rigid panel that is designed to slide between the flange of an H-beam or I-beam, to form walls or complete enclosures. The FRP panels are light weight, non-conductive, corrosive resistant and extremely strong to withstand wind loads and the harsh environment. The FRP is a complete system that is Pre-engineered for most wind loads across the globe. They are great to use around generators, chillers, pumps, etc. The panels are a modular system and can easily be modified or cut in the field.

Outdoor noise control products are designed project specific. Each application varies according to the location and noise source. This allows the materials to be installed on roof tops, bridges, construction fences, etc.
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