SCC-100 Acoustic Ceiling Tile

///SCC-100 Acoustic Ceiling Tile

SCC-100 Acoustic Ceiling Tile



SonicSorb Ceiling tiles are offered as both a sound absorbing as well as a combination sound absorbing/ sound blocking tile

SCC-100 Ceiling Tiles have a 2 mil white pebble grain vinyl facing attached to a 1” or 2” thick rigid fiberglass board and have excellent sound absorption (NRC) ratings.

SCC-100B Ceiling Tiles take the standard C-100 tile and add a 1# per square foot foil backed vinyl noise to the backside of the tile for high sound absorption (NRC) and high sound blocking (STC) requirements.

Product Description


2 mil white pebble grain vinyl


NRC Rating

1” Thick .85
2” Thick 1.15
C-100B Version STC 26



6-7# PCF rigid fiberglass core

*C-100B adds a vinyl noise barrier

Edge Detail



C-100 Tile .6 lbs/SqFt

C-100B Tile 1.6 lbs/SqFt

Mounting Options

Grid supplied by others


Specifications can be downloaded for the C-100 and C-100B  or call us at ‭(470) 839-2960‬.

  • Standard size 2’ x2’ or 2’ x4’
  • Custom sizes available
  • 1” or 2” thickness
  • 2 mil white pebble grain finish
  • Excellent acoustical values
  • Offered with a vinyl noise barrier for high STC requirements .85 1.15 STC 26