SCC-200 Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

///SCC-200 Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

SCC-200 Acoustic Ceiling Tiles



SonicSorb Ceiling tiles are offered as both a sound absorbing as well as a combination sound absorbing/ sound blocking tile.

SCC-200 Ceiling Tiles have a white nubby cloth facing attached to a 1” or 2” thick rigid fiberglass board and have excellent sound absorption (NRC) ratings.

SCC-200B Ceiling Tiles take the standard C-200 tile and add a 1# per square foot foil backed vinyl noise to the backside of the tile for high sound absorption (NRC) and high sound blocking (STC) requirements.

Product Description


White nubby cloth facing


NRC Rating

1” Thick .85
2” Thick 1.15
C-200B Version STC 26

Substrate 6-7# PCF rigid fiberglass core

*C-200B adds a vinyl noise barrier

Edge Detail



C-200 Tile .6 lbs/SqFt

C-200B Tile 1.6 lbs/SqFt

Mounting Options

Grid supplied by others


Specifications can be downloaded for the C-200 and the C-200B or call us at ‭(470) 839-2960‬.

  • Standard size 2’ x2’ or 2’ x4’
  • Custom sizes available
  • 1” or 2” thickness
  • White nubby cloth facing
  • Excellent acoustical values
  • Offered with a vinyl noise barrier for high STC requirements