Fibergrate® FRP Sound Wall

Fibergrate® FRP Sound Wall




• Residential Developments
• Shopping Centers
• Industrial Sites
• Schools
• Railroads
• Highways
• Restaurants
• Commercial Sites
• Recreational Facilities

Product Description

The Fibergrate’s® FRP Walls provide the solution for sound barrier wall installations. The strength and benefits
of Fibergrate’s® FRP products continue with this product line. With the economical process of pultrusion, Fibergrate’s planks will outperform, cost less, last longer and install faster than other noise wall options.

All Fibergrate® FRP Walls meet or exceed all AASHTO and DOT
guidelines. Each Wall is made of interlocking tongue and groove fiberglass reinforced plastic planks set into concrete, steel, wood or FRP columns. The internal web design of the Soundscape plank minimizes deflection and allows each wall section to span up to 24 feet, greatly reducing the number of columns and caissons required for each project. The 12-inch high design minimizes the number of planks required per section while the tongue and groove configuration strengthens the assembled wall and eliminates the possibility of any gaps between stacked planks



  • Meets or Exceeds All ASSHTO and DOT Guidelines
  • Modular, Lightweight Design
  • Sound Transmission Class of 30
  • Multiple Finish Options
  • Graffiti, Moisture and Freeze Thaw Resistant
  • Will Not Crack, Corrorde, Rust, Warp or Rot
  • No Heavy Equipment Required for Installation or Repairs
  • Stronger and More Resilient Than Other Choices
  • 50 Plus Years of Service
  • Lowest Life Cycle Cost
  • Structurally Self Supporting: No Need for Footing Under Panels
  • Optional Concrete, Steel, Wood or FRP I-Beam
  • Repairs and Modifications Can Easily Be Made On-Site

Recycling Company – Composite Wall Project

Recycling Company – Composite Wall Project

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Chiller Yard Project

Sound Wall Project

Sound Wall Project