SCONB Sound Walls and Enclosures

  • Sound Walls and Fences

SCONB Sound Walls and Enclosures

  • Pre-Fabricated
  • High Acoustical Rating
  • Weather Resistant
  • Easy Installation

Product Description

Sound Control’s Outdoor Noise Barrier (SCONB) product consists of pre-engineered, modular acoustical components that can be easily configured and assembled into enclosures, screens, partial enclosures and barriers to provide sound attenuation for many kinds of outdoor industrial, community and environmental noise problems.


  • Standard panel modules available in 2”, 4” and 5” thicknesses
  • Panel modules available in 24”, 36” and 48” units
  • Panel lengths available up to 12’-6”
  • Panels are self draining
  • Formed interlocking edges do not require any separate panel joiners
  • Standard panel Sound Transmission Loss Ratings to STC 52
  • Standard panel Sound Absorption Ratings to NRC 1.05
  • Panels and components constructed from electro-galvanized steel, G90 galvanized steel, cold rolled steel,  aluminum and stainless steel for optimum weather, corrosion and abuse resistance
  • Complete structural support systems available

Structural Integrity

When installed with a properly designed support system and concrete footings, ONB barriers and enclosures can resist wind velocities to 110 MPH and most common snow and seismic loads. INC can provide design and manufacture of the required structural support frame upon request.

Typical Applications

Our horizontal interlocking panel design creates a sleek, weather resistant assembly that combines high acoustical characteristics with robust structural stability to stand up to the elements. Available in either a high STC sound barrier only version, or our soft side barrier absorber combination, these modules are easy to assemble into many varying configurations such as:

• Rooftop Equipment Screens
• Highway Sound Barriers
• Outdoor Utility Sound Enclosures
• Cooling Tower Noise Enclosures
• Chiller Screens
• Generator Enclosures
• Airport Sound Barriers
• Loading Dock Noise Screens
• Air Conditioner Enclosures
• Transformer Enclosures
• Substation Noise Barriers
• Construction Noise Barriers
• Deep Well Pump Enclosures
• Rail Yards

Composite Walls & Fences

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Airport Sound Barrier Wall

Variable Frequency Drive Enclosure

Municipal Deep Well Pump Enclosure

Gas Compressor Sound Enclosure