Sonex® Sound Tiles

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Sonex® Sound Tiles


  • Reduces echo and reverberation
  • Improves speech intelligibility
  • Exceptional acoustical performance
  • Mold-resistant, fire-retardant
  • Unique design potential

Product Description

The Sonex® Sound Tiles are designed for ultimate high frequency noise control for broadcast and recording studios. These foam panels can be glued direct to a wall or ceiling.

The unique 12″ x 12″ size allows for the highest level of design and acoustical performance as you can treat your studio in the exact points of reflection.

These versatile, low-profile sound absorbent foam tiles come in both grey and white, with beveled edges and a unique sculpted pattern or flat face finish.

In addition to excellent sound absorption, the Sonex® Sound tile is class 1 fire rated and 100% fiber-free.

Size tolerance for the tiles is +/- 1/8″.

SKU Color Texture Tiles per Box Coverage Price per Box
FOMSONAUDCONWHT Natural White Convoluted 16 16 sq. ft. $60
FOMSONAUDCONGRY Natural Grey Convoluted 16 16 sq. ft. $60
FOMSONAUDFLTWHT Natural White Smooth 16 16 sq. ft. $60
FOMSONAUDFLTGRY Natural Grey Smooth 16 16 sq. ft. $60

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