Squareline Acoustical Ceiling Panels

///Squareline Acoustical Ceiling Panels

Squareline Acoustical Ceiling Panels


Squareline Metal Ceiling Tiles give ceilings a stunning, modern, high-tech look. These expanded metal ceiling tiles are available in three distinct pat-terns with or without an acous-tical backer. Constructed of expanded metal with an acoustical insert, Squareline Metal Ceiling Tiles can provide just the look you need for any modern interior space.

Product Description

Now available in three different patterns – standard, medium and ultra.

Squareline Ceiling Panels
If you’re looking for a more dramatic, contemporary look, choose the large mesh pattern of Squareline ultra or the mid-size pattern of Squareline medium. Both come in chrome metal with a light grey or charcoal backer and are ideal for large, open environments.
Squareline standard offers contemporary European flair in a choice of white or chrome metal with a light grey or charcoal backer. Matching trim tiles are also available. To meet your unique vision, specify Squareline in a custom dimension or distinctive color of metal to match the decor.


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