Industrial Quilted Fiberglass Absorbers are soft, porous, open celled
materials that are used to reduce echo/reverb.  They look similar to a blanket or curtain due to the quilting process that combines the facing and the fiberglass absorber septum.
As a result, reverberation time and ambient noise levels are
reduced, improving communication in a variety of applications.
Quilted Fiberglass absorbers are lightweight and flexible with a Class A flammability rating. The products range from but are not limited to wall panels, ceiling clouds, baffles, banners, pump sleeves/jackets and acoustic curtain enclosures. There are many uses for fiberglass quilted absorbers. They are very durable and can withstand extreme climates. Quilted Fiberglass absorber curtains/blankets are custom made products designed for multiple acoustic applications. Call Sound Control Technologies today for advice on what product is best for your project.