New York City has an ordinance about pet noise. Some pets you may be able to train so there is less noise otherwise you may need to reduce the noise other ways. Here is an excerpt:


Animals. No person having charge, care, custody, or control of any animal shall cause or
permit such animal to cause unreasonable noise including, but not limited to, any sound
that is plainly audible at any location within any residential receiving property as set
forth below: (a) At or after 7 AM and before 10 PM, continuously for a period of 10
minutes or more; (b) at or after 10 PM and before 7 AM, continuously for a period of 5
minutes or more.

To reduce pet noise in a home there are many things you can do. Here is a list to get you in the right direction:

  • Use carpet instead or hard flooring.
  • Use Drapes over the windows to reduce reverb.
  • Place  Decorative wall panels to reduce noise
  • Hang ceiling clouds to reduce sound