Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

SonicSorb Acoustical Ceiling Tile Products are designed to acoustically treat and soundproof interior ceiling spaces. The SonicSorb C-Series Ceiling Tiles offers both excellent acoustics with customized options to enhance the visual aesthetics. These tiles are made of a 1” or 2” fiberglass core. The NRC ratings are up to 1.15 and they are all available with a sound barrier option that is added to the back of the tiles. This option will not only absorb noise it will block noise. The added barrier will achieve an STC rating of 26.

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Acoustic Foams

SonicFoam Acoustic Foam SonicFoam Acoustic foam, referred to as soundproof foam or sound absorbing foam is available in many patterns and thickness. They can be used in ceiling grid systems, as wall panels, ceiling clouds or glue up panels and ceiling tiles. SonicFoam is class one fire rated made with Melamine acoustical foam. This product is used in many applications to help with noise and sound control. Some common applications are recording studios, vocal booths, manufacturing facilities, call center, house of worship, meeting rooms, class rooms, band rooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, home theaters, and anechoic chambers. SonicFoams are available in different NRC (noise rating coefficient). To get the acoustic foam that is best for your project contact us today. Call today for a Sound Control Tech to help decide which Acoustic Foam meets your needs.

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Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic Wall Panels SonicSorb Panels are designed to be mounted direct to walls and ceilings. There are different mounting options available. Impaling clips and construction adhesive is glue on system, while Z-Clips to Z-Bar are a mechanical system. These Fabric Wrapped Panels can also be cloud mounted by using ceiling tie wire to suspend them from a ceiling or roof system.

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Acoustic enclosures, noise enclosures, acoustic walls and barriers are often used around indoor and outdoor equipment to attenuate noise. The Enclosures can be made from a variety of materials from metal to composite materials. The basic function of acoustic enclosures is to absorb and block the noise and to isolate the source of noise from the receptor.

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