Acoustic Diffusers are designed to reduce the intensity of sound by reflecting and scattering it over a large are to fill the room or area more evenly with sound waves. Diffusers are made of different shapes and some serve double purposes. A barrel shaped (polycylindrical) also acts as a low frequency or bass trap. Other diffusers spread or scatter sound waves similar to light diffraction These are often referred to quadratics. The quadratic diffuser uses uneven surfaces and angles of varying depths to interfere with the direct reflection of sound waves which as a result spreads the sound waves over a large are when the sound is diffused/reflected back instead of being absorbed. Acoustic Wall Panels and Acoustic Foam absorb reflection to deaden the sound or reduce the intensity of the sound in an area. Acoustic diffusers make a room livelier by reflecting and spreading the sound to fill a room or area more evenly. For more information on acoustic diffusers contact our technical sales department.