Soundscaping is the concept of reducing noise by changing the environment. Similar to landscaping when referred to the outside but focused on reducing noise. This can apply to highway noise, backyard noise or commercial areas to name a few.

Highway Noise

Large walls caller barrier walls are often installed to reduce noise to surrounding neighborhoods. Some people do not like these by themselves and view them as an eyesore. Trees in addition to the walls can help reduce noise and improve aesthetics. Large trees often don’t have lower vegetation to block noise but combined with sound walls noise can be blocked by the walls refracting noise and the trees absorbing sound. The removal of trees near highway 65 in Texas lead to complaints about noise and the visual aspects.

Acoustical Design

Acoustical Design can begin when buildings and roads are built. There are often buffer zones between major roads and residential areas, Commercial areas may be built with additional items such as barrier walls and trees to reduce noise. Local zoning ordinances can be created to include acoustical design.

When areas are leveled to make room for new buildings some elements could be left and worked around such as large trees. Trees with large branches and rough bark reduce sound efficiently. This combined with wall barriers can create a more aesthetic buffer zone.
When considering the building elements items such as generators should be built with wall barriers and shrubs around them to block and absorb the undesired sound. If walls have been built and the sound is not reduced enough sound blankets can be placed on the inside of the walls to more effectively block sound. These can be regular or decorative.


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