Sound Control Technologies worked with Twelfth and Porter a well-known name in the music industry. Twelfth and Porter is in Nashville Tennessee and is the premier place for new artist to record demos in their journey to becoming a country music legend. Many large names have performed there in the past and often rent out the demo room and stage for friends to hang out and just have fun. Sound Control Technologies performed a site visit to review their stage and demo room to see what acoustical solutions were needed to improve the sound and feel of the space. After reviewing the rooms and talking with the owners, Sound Control Technologies introduced a creative and effective design. The architectural appeal on the stage was especially critical since many demos are also recorded with video. The best solution for the back wall of the stage was our SonicSorb Acoustical Wall Panels. By creating many different shapes and sizes and trimming out the area with wood between the acoustic panels Sound Control came up with a one of a kind design. The design was presented to the owners who were anxious to see it completed. The installation was finished in December of this year to offer a new look and sound for 2017 for artist to showcase their talents. The panels are 2” thick and covered with a Black Guilford of Maine fabric that is aesthetically appealing.
Since the room was used for high energy sound productions addition treatment was needed to treat the room. The additional treatment had to be blended into the room so it would not be seen or distract from the artist on stage. The solution was to treat the ceiling with our Sonex Colortec Acoustical Foam. ColorTec Sound Control Foam charcoal colored and when applied to a ceiling that has been blacked out it almost disappears to the human eyes. Twelfth and Porter is now not only the best known in Nashville for music artist, it’s the best sounding stage and room to cut demos. Sound Control Technologies has all your acoustical solutions for your personal environment. By offering every noise control product available today Sound Control is the premier leader in acoustics.
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