What are Vibration Mounts and Isolation Hangers?

Vibration Isolation Hangers and Mounts are designed to reduce the transmission of vibration and noise produced by suspended equipment and piping. Isolation mounts and hangers are designed to decouple equipment from structures. This eliminates unwanted vibration from transferring from machinery into the structure it is mounted to such as an HVAC unit that is mounted on a concrete deck in a building or piping that is attached inside walls that would vibrate the structure if not decoupled by using spring hangers or neoprene mounts. The load is held by either a neoprene or spring that is designed to carry the weight but not allow a rigid contact. The neoprene or spring will absorb/decouple the vibration not allowing it to pass through the mount into the point of contact with the building structure. Each mount is rated and designed for a specific weight and number or points of contact the machinery makes with the structure. It is important to have or know the load the spring and neoprene mounts will support. The best way to determine the type of mount you will need whether it is a spring/ neoprene or combination of a spring and neoprene mount is to contact a consultant to discuss your project.

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