Acoustic wall panels are used in offices, conference rooms and telemarketing centers to absorb unwanted sound and to block sound from entering or leaving a room. Standard Acoustic Absorber Wall Panels are made with a cloth facing wrapped around an acoustic fiberglass core designed specifically to absorb sound. They come in a standard 1” and available 2” thickness. The acoustic fiberglass core panels are available in a single sheet size up to a 4’ wide x 10’ long board. The cloth facing is offered in many colors and patterns and can also be printed on to showcase artwork, company logs or photography. There is a color to match or contrast with almost any room decor. Decorative Acoustic Wall Panels have become very popular in offices and homes due the wide variety of colors shapes and sizes available. While most Sound Panels or Acoustic panels are used to absorb noise they are available with a barrier septum that will block noise from passing through and into an adjoining room. The barrier septum is usually a product like Sonic-Barrier that has a density of 1 or 2 pounds per square foot. This type of barrier is also commonly referred to as a mass loaded vinyl. The barrier is laminated into the fiberglass sound absorbing core then wrapped as normal with a facing such as Guilford of Maine Fr701 series color palette. To be effective in blocking sound transmission through the wall it needs to be covered floor to ceiling and the entire length of the wall. Putting a couple sound proof acoustic wall panels on a wall will not be effective unless the entire wall is treated. For absorbing sound not all of the wall space needs to be treated. Only a percentage of the wall needs to be treated for sound absorption. The amount of acoustic wall treatment varies from room to room. The use of the room, finishes of the room and overall shape of the room are all variables that need to be considered. For the best results on your project we recommend talking with one of our technical consultants to assist you on your project.